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 Mirror Chrome License Plates

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Customer Testimonials

 We have many satisfied customers. Here are a few who have sent us some encouraging messages on the quality of our products and our service.

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I contacted this company in hopes they could create a custom license plate for me.  The design I needed was not readily available, because the logo has been discontinued.  Luckily, I was able to find it on the web, so I sent in my request fully expecting a response and quote in a few days.  To my surprise, I not only received a response the same day, but the price for the custom made plate was absolutely reasonable.  They even included a mock up of what it would look like. 

I then wished I could include text below the logo, so I emailed back.  Again, a response, quote, and mock up picture came the same day.  I agreed to buy the product, paid for it and expected to wait weeks for it to be created, packaged, and shipped.  Once again, to my surprise, I received another e-mail saying the package was on the way and even provided a tracking number.  In this time of poor customer service and substandard products, this company and their staff are a breath of fresh air.  You can bet, if I need another plate, keychain, etc., I will not hesitate to give them a call.  Bill Charleston, SC

S and T

It is amazing, a beautiful piece! Thank you so much. I am sure some of my co-workers will probably want one and I will send them your way.   

Erick, Elk City, OK

I have been meaning to email you but it has been CRAZY BUSY!!! I received my plate on Sat... I am so thoroughly impressed, words can't even begin to say. The customer service was EXCELLENT!!! I am astonished how fast you got the plate ready and I had it in my hand. Thank you for all your hard work!!! The plate itself...WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  That's all I can say. It looks FANTASTIC on my car!!! I've got the black grill with the silver Mustang so the silver tag with the black Mustang under it REALLY makes it stand out and the writing...I just LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! I am going to send a picture really wouldn't believe how fantastic it looks on Jessie unless you see it for yourself. Jessie TangUNBELIEVABLE!!! I tip my hat to y'all. To say I am a satisfied customer would be understatement of the MILENNIUM!!! The effort put into the plate to make it just the way I wanted was phenomenal. The open line of communication, remarkable. I sincerely believe you guys have provided the ABSOLUTE best customer service/product satisfaction I have EVER received. Without a doubt, hands down...your company is A++++++++++++++++++ CLASS!!! I just really appreciate EVERYTHING. I could go on and on all day and I will so I'm gonna shut it! LOL... You are the greatest company I've dealt with!!! I am an EXTREMELY satisfied customer. If all businesses operated as yours does, I believe there'd be less anger in the world. Thank you for making this such a pleasant thing and not a nightmare. You are appreciated. And I said before, I TIP MY HAT!!!


Thank you,

Amy, Charlotte, NC


I received my plate today - it is fabulous!  Exactly what we wanted.  Thanks so much for your help!


Elia, Philadelphia, PA

Norbert's-JeepThis is from one of our customers in Poland (click on the picture to enlarge).

Hey there, Judy,

Finally shippin' you the pics, what I've promised you long time ago... I apologize, because I know I should have done it earlier, but believe me, I have had some tough and busy days in September. The another plate will be placed on the car later. Have a nice week, Norbert

Empire StateI received my license plate thank you. It is beautiful and really made me smile putting it on my car. I even sent pictures to my friends back in NYC to let them know I have not forgotten them. I will definitely spread the word about your website.

Madeline, Kansas City, KS

Pitt Panther HeadJudy,
Thank you so much. It looks wonderful and he is going to love it (it's a birthday present). I want to thank you for the excellent customer service and communications throughout this process. I will definitely share your company with others. I am so pleased and thank you again!
Pitt Panther Head 2Justina, Ebensburg, PA
The reflective sufaces of a mirror license plate are hard to photograph. These two images are from the same plate with the lighting at a different angle. The custom license plates always look better in the flesh. This is a sliver mirror acrylic plate with a laser engraved image was back filled with white acrylic paint.

Blackberry Smoke



I just received my tag this morning and I wanted to let yourself and Judy from customer service know we could not be happier with the finished product, it is awesome! Thank you so much. I cant believe I went from one email to putting the tag on the car in less than 3 days. In the days where customer service seems to have taken a back seat to everything else, your company is head and shoulders above the rest. Again thank you and I will certainly be doing business with you again. 


Mike,  Signal Mountain, TN

WarcraftHi Judy!


Got it...and it's BEAUTIFUL!! Thank you sooo much! My Wife LOVES it! 

Please tell Bob thank you very much and thank you all for being so quick ! 


I'll telling everyone about you all! I will be talking to you soon. :) 




Chris, Pompano Beach, FL

Basketball PlayerGot my plate in the mail today and I love the way it turned out, Im going to most likely order another one sometime this month.

 Vanzell, Albany, GA

Slimer PlateBob- Thank you so much. It is perfect!!! I love the font style. I ordered it from the website. My boys will love it.

Erin, Lexington, SC

Big Girl PlateI just got back in town, so my lic. plate got here while I was gone, but I had to tell you all - I LOVE IT.  Thanks, Glenda

Glenda, Rock Hill, SC

Journey Church PlateEverything arrived and looked awesome - thank you so much.

Eric, Orange Park, FL

We just wanted to say we love our license plate...we may actually order another one for our other vehicle! Thank you so much!

Mindi, Rainsville, AL

Phillies PlateI received the plate today and couldn't be happier.  I have been looking for this specific plate for over a year and all of the manufacturers have been out of stock.  It's hard to believe that after all of this time, all I had to do was send a picture of what I want and I would have it in a few short days.  

Matthew, Wilmington, DE

This is one of the highest quality custom plates I've seen! I love it. Will you please relist this one more time, I want one for a friend. Same style, acrylic. Take care.

Vladimir, Antioch, TN

Dove PlateMy husband received his license plate today.  He is very pleased; he put it on his truck immediately.  He said that it turned out better than his original plate that was destroyed in a car accident.  We definitely will use your company in the future.  Thanks Bob for all of your assitance and patience.

Senovia, Riverdale, GA

West Virginia GirjWe received the plate and it looks great. I am actually referring you to a friend who is looking for a custom plate.  Thanks again!

Have a great holiday!

Jeremy, Cornelius, NC 

Vince & JaymeYes.  We just received our plate last nite.  For some reason the post man dropped it off at the wrong address and it had to get rerouted to our address.  Thanks so much.  It looks awesome.

Vince, Eureka, IL 

Jaguar PlateHey Judy, I received my tag today and to much of my surprise I am very happy with the outcome and the looks of the tag, you all got it perfect, Thanks very much, I will use your service in the near future  and will refer anyone I know to you company.
Thanks again, Donna, Nashville, TN

Southern BayouWe received the plate. We love it. We are thinking of changing one of the words and should know by next week. Then we can put in a larger order. 

Chad, Killeen, TX

Roanoke CollegeLoved the vanity plate!! Excellent quality, perfect !!! Thank you! Now
I need to research Carnegie Mellon Universities font style and I will
then be in touch to order that plate.                                                   

Thank you guys!
Gary, Springfield, PA 

Tennessee Flag Just got the license plate in the mail and it looks great! Already put it on my car! Best regards,

Phillip, Knoxville, TN

North Carolina Flag License PlateI sent payment for the two (2) NC Flags just a bit ago. The last two I received were fantastic and looked great. If I need any others in the future, I know where to come to.   



Thanks again, 


-Bobby, Burlington, NC




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